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After all schools met Jinyong for the first time on meeting,they were busier as workers at office.All students practice hardly to made the best performance after 3 days given by Park Jinyoung,a president of JYP Entertainment in Seoul.


When all Gangwon High's students went out from the hall and busy practice their own music..

"Ms.Hyora!",Junsu called her."What?",Hyora looked back.

Junsu feels a bit nervous.

"Err..could you sit here?next to me?",Junsu stuttered."What do you mean?",Hyora 'smell' something.She thought Junsu had planning something bad for her.

"Well,just want",Junsu still stuttered."Hey,Junsu!be brave!!!what happen with you,coward?!",Junsu kept mumbled in his mind.

"WANT WHAT?!",Hyora woke him up from his dream."Just want to discuss about rehearsal.I mean....discuss our 3 days rehearsal..",Junsu explained it."Only 2 of us?What about the others?",Hyora asked."Well,I've already think the time during they practice,plus,I have my own idea to explain,what is the meaning of 'spontaneous'..",Junsu's words made Hyora kept rolled her eyes,a sign that she does not understand with him..


[Flashback end]

* * * *
Meanwhile,orchestra team busy practice how to play their own music instrument.Sunggyu,as a conductor of his orchestra team must has such a strong scent to 'detect' any mistakes by his followers.

"Ok..we!",Sunggyu with his stick kept moved and moved while all his followers trying their hard to played their own music instrument,without any mistakes will disturbed him.


"Stop!",Sunggyu knocked his stick."Violin line.Violin were out of tune.Nuri!",Sunggyu called out someone's name.She went out from her line and checked her friend's violin.

"You..give me your violin!",Nuri called someone to gave his violin."Something wrong with your violin?",Nuri feels something wrong."What,DJ??",his words made all peoples in room was shocked.He tried to teased Nuri.

"Why did you call her DJ!?",one of them asked him."Yeah!a DJ playing music instrument in our orchestra team and now she repair my violin!",his words can't controlled Nuri's feeling from lost her tempered."All peoples can play music!You think you are the most better violin player?",someone from outside the room was 'objected' boy's words."Seonsaengnim..",Sunggyu bowed down,and all the rest were followed him.

"We are in day 33th of our practice..",it was Hyora's voice."In your record of activity club,you only come for training in 18 days!That's you call yourself as the best violin player?I don't care if you never come here for practice if you has your own private trainer to teach you.But,you always make a mistakes than the others.",Hyora walked at that boy while her mouth was non-stop moved from mumbled.

"Nuri,repair his violin string and I want to meet you and Sunggyu after training,arasseo?",Hyora warned her and Nuri was nodded,a 'sign' that she was understood.Sunggyu who still on his position as conductor also understood."Okay,continue your practice now..",Hyora warned them and sat behind her students.

* * * *
Meanwhile,Red Hawk Movement...~

"Ugh...where's Junsu?Where's our spirit?",Haejin lost her energy when she saw all her seniors were too playful in a dance room."It's already lost when we already arrived at here..",Younin also lost her energy and she laying her head on Haejin's shoulder.

Haejin's sight was changed at Onew who kept wrote something on his book.While Kevin played a piano which already located in dance room.

Haejin woke up and went to Onew's place."AH!Haejin ah!I want your soft shoulder right now!~"Younin was fell down when Haejin was woke up from her place."Err...",Younin sighed.

"Sunbaenim..",Haejin approached him.Onew looked from down to the top!It was Haejin."Haejin ah..~What do you want from me?",Onew was too cold with her.But in heart," heart always beating when she come too closer..~",Onew talked to heart.

Haejin sat next to him."What are you doing that?",Haejin asked."Make a new song..",he replied."Can I read it?",Haejin tried to took his book."Hey,hey!!!I never allow you or anyone to read this!!",Onew's voice became higher and made Haejin was shocked,and all the rest.

"Mianhae..",Haejin talked in lower voice and went out from dance room.

When she nearly to opened the door,someone was opened the door too hard until a door was hitting her face."OUCH!",Haejin screamed.

"Jinnie ah~",Younin ran into her."Hey,are you okay?Oppa!!!her bleeding!",Younin said it too Junsu,who was accidently hit her."I know..I see it now!Don't make me panic,ok!",Junsu was too nervous.

"Haha!Don't worry..~I'm okay..~",Haejin still smiled although her nose was bleeding."But,your blood on your nose scaring me..~",Onew feels worried while he took a box of tissues and wiped her nose."It flow too fast like a waterfall..",Key only open his eyes widely.

After 30 minutes..

"Are you okay now..?",Onew's hand still wiping her nose.Haejin just nodded like a little kid."Don't act like a little kid,girl~You make me shy now..~",Onew a bit shy with her cuteness.

"Hyung ah..~did you still feels mindless about 'spontaneous' theme?",Kevin broke his silent after playing a piano.Junsu just nodded.

"Hey,guys!You guys should listen my ideas!I know what we must do for our school performance..~I mean,we only use "Sing-A-Song" battle as our 'spontaneous show'..",Dongjun gave such a weird idea.The atmosphere became awkward..~

"Understand?",Dongjun asked them.They shooked their head.

Dongjun gave a big sighed."Let me explain it!",Dongjun explained what it's the meaning of his 'spontaneous show'.

"I hope it really..,really useful for our school!",Key mumbled.

* * * *
While Dongjun kept explained about his 'secret weapon' at his team to 'save' Gangwon High School...

...Ms.Hyora had something to said at Nuri and Sunggyu after their orchestra rehearsal was over.

"Seonsaengnim..Do you have something to say at us,right?",Sunggyu and Nuri were waited after all students went out from room.

"Ne..~Since we only have 3 more days before rehearsal,Mr.Junsu and me already discussed the time table of our rehearsal..",Ms.Hyora show a paper which she wrote all activities in 3 days before performance.

"Wow..~I can't see any activity that we call as 'recess'?",Sunggyu sighed."I'm sorry,but it's for our school's sake..",Ms.Hyora begged.

"Okay...I'll accept it..~",Nuri said."And,I also composed 3 songs into remix song for Red Hawk Movement.But,we really don't know what songs that we gonna perform for Sing-A-Song battle soon..",Nuri seems worried.

"About that,Junsu and his team will think about it..~",Ms.Hyora said.

"Wow..~his team being a 'brainstorm' for that battle.Are you sure they really can do it,seonsaengnim..?",Sunggyu asked his teacher."I don't know..",Hyora replied..

"Okay,you guys already show your best on your music,without any mistakes on your music notes and also our music,tomorrow is our second day of our practice.Start practice from now,okay?!",Hyora warned them and went out from room.

Sunggyu feels shy to talked with a girl like Nuri."Hey,Nuri..~",Sunggyu called Nuri who took her violin into her case."What?"

"Where are you goin after this?",Sunggyu asked her."Watching my friend at dance room..Younin and Haejin..",Nuri replied."Oh..I see.."

"Just ask me that you wanna see Younin,sunbae..",Nuri leave him at room."Wow..she's really know about that..",Sunggyu talked to his heart.

"Did you wanna come with me or not?",Nuri seeked him."Ouh..Okay!!",Sunggyu took his bag and went out from room.They walked to the dance room which Red Hawk Movement were practice their dance.

* * * *
When they were arrived at dance room,Sunggyu was shocked with Younin's behavior."Are they really call this as practice..?They seems..."."Not serious..",Nuri continued her words.

Nuri entered to the room.

"Nuri ah..",Younin waved her hand at her."Whatever..",Nuri replied with arrogant way.

"Well,this is you guys call as practice!?",Nuri asked them."Of course,Nuri.This is our plan for Sing-A-Song battle soon.As you already heard from Ms.Hyora.It's all about 'spontaneous'..",Junsu explained with full of happiness.

"Wow,you look so happy,seonsaengnim..",Sunggyu who kept seeked from outside the room started spoke."Sunbaenim..",Younin saw him first.Sunggyu who suddenly appeared in their atmosphere really made Chansung feels uncomfortable.

"I'm tired now~I wanna go back to the room..",Chansung took his bag and went out from room."Hey,Chansung ah..~We are not finish it yet!",Taecyeon said."Yeah..your mood change in sudden!",Taemin,a new member said to him.

Chansung just ignored it.

"His mood before you guys was too happy than us..",Haejin explained it."Maybe someone from you really made he wanna throw up..",Wooyoung continued.

"Well,tell us what is your plan..?",Nuri sat on a chair.

"Well,for Sing-A-Song battle,we wanna to perform 2 happiness songs for audience..",Younin told her."So?",Nuri asked again.

"2 songs...first song is from H.O.T,'Candy',and lastly,all students most go up to the stage and dance with us in a song from Super Junior,'Wonder Boy'..",that was Dongjun's 'secret weapon' which explained by Junsu.

" that's why you guys look so happy.And then,I feels I was in a place with crazy peoples..",Nuri's words really made all peoples feels uncomfortable."Sometimes your words really make people feels hurt.But,not for us,as a dancer..thanks for you 'advice'~",Kevin broke a silent.

Nuri was stunned with Kevin's voice.

"Okay..that's enough..Now,it's already 7PM now..All of you can go to your room,and start practice your vocal and dance step,okay?!",Junsu warned them,and all his members went out from dance room.

When all peoples went out from dance room,only an empty dance room without any peoples..only Wooyoung who still stayed on room...watched a beautiful view of Seoul in the night...

He kept thinking about Seulmi..

..~LIKE and LOVE has their own meaning,although it contain 4 letters together~remember?..

"Actually,you are really love her.I can't take back all my words because your bestfriend who doesn't have any feelings like Korean peoples can read her bestfriend who are really born from Korea!"

He was remind back what his bestfriend was said.He took his cellphone,and searching Seulmi's phone number.

"Yoboseyo..",Wooyoung called her with lower tone.

"Ne..Wooyoung ah..How's your rehearsal before..",Seulmi asked.

"Better..better than before..",he replied back.

"Where are you now?",Wooyoung asked.

" room now..but,I'm still in this building..err..wait..hmm..actually,I'm still stay in hotel but,I'm stay at the backstage room that we had a meeting before..",Seulmi was stuttered to talked with him.

"Ouwh..I know it..Your friend also with you too now..?"Wooyoung asked again.

"No..she's already back home..I'm just in charge to kept all outfits are save now..",Seulmi replied.

"Are you become a guard for outfit?Where's Eunra?Your sister must take care of it because she's not a designer..",Wooyoung said.

"Hey,you seems really take care of me..",Seulmi said.

"Well,I'm your friend,right?I will be try my best to take care of girl's heart..take care of her.Same as like any girls always do it for their boyfriend..",Wooyoung asked while his hand were busy packing a foods for Seulmi.

"Are you already eat?",Seulmi asked him back.

"No..",Wooyoung replied.

"Ouh..okay..",Seulmi said.

Suddenly,Seulmi's voice changed to screaming louder.

"OUCH!!!",Seulmi was screamed.

"Hey,what happen?",Wooyoung was worried.

"My hand..It's bleeding..I was sewing an outfit..",Seulmi asked.

She seems cried because her hand was hurt.

"Wait at that room!I'll be come right now!!",Wooyoung hanged up.

* * * *
Wooyoung opened a door and saw Seulmi was cried because of her bleeding hand.

He took first-aid-kid box under the table.He tried to cured her hand.He wrapped her bleeding hand with bandage....he was too carefully when he wrapped it.

"Thank you..Wooyoung..",Seulmi's face became red like a tomato."No problem..",Wooyoung said without looked at her face.

"See!!I bought your favourite food!!And also cappucinno!",Wooyoung show a plastic bag with full of foods."Did you want me to eat all these foods!?",Seulmi was shocked because Wooyoung brought many foods for her.

"Actually,I'm also starving I.."."Of course..",Seulmi cut his words.

It's hard for Seulmi to held a chopstick using her left hand."Let me feed it for you..",Wooyoung took her chopstick." say you are starving now!You should eat yours!",Seulmi said.She became too shy and her heart was beating too fast when she stared at him.

"Gwenchana..",Wooyoung gave a winked."Ahh..say ahh..",Wooyoung asked her to opened her mouth."Here your foods,honey!",Wooyoung was accidently called her 'honey'."What did you call me before?",Seulmi was not a deaf girl.

"Soo..Sorry..Sorry..",he show his silly smile."Don't treat me like a kid..",Seulmi sighed."Never mind..I always feed my youngest sister at home..",Wooyoung said."You such a kind guy,Wooyoung..",Seulmi praised him."You are totally different..than him..",Seulmi's expression changed.

"Hey,don't you already said that you already forgot him,right?",Wooyoung pretended to be sulked."Just kidding..You are too cute when you sad!",Seulmi pinched his cheek."I'm already said it.I want to take care of girl's heart..I will never hurt her anymore..same as girls always do it for her boyfriend.I will show the prove that I will take care of her until I die..",Wooyoung's words really made her melt.

"Really?Did you also want to know that she really feels well,save or anything about her?",Seulmi asked again.He's nodded."A girl that I'm really take care of her feelings,her condition..she's the girl that I really love..",he continued.

It's time for Wooyoung ate his meal.The way he ate like a person who not eating in 2 years."Hey..slowly..",Seulmi warned him.Wooyoung drank his cappucinno.Suddenly,he was coughed."See..I'm already say that!You are stubborn,Jang Wooyoung!!",Seulmi mad.She took a tissue and wiped his face.

"Seulmi..thanks for take care of me..Can I take care of you..start from now...?",it was a proposed from Wooyoung.He confessed his feelings.Their face were too close in 1 centimetre..


Seulmi was accidently kissed his lips.Wooyoung just ignored and continued ate his meal.But,his heart kept beating so fast."Oh my God..a girl that I really love...kiss me..I can't believe it!!",Wooyoung was too spontaneous to said it.

Seulmi went out from room with her red face.

* * *
At girl's room..

"Oh..Seulmi-eonni!Let's eat with us!",Eunra talled with full mouth."Yah!That's rude,sunbaenim..",Nuri wiped Eunra's mouth with tissue."It's okay...I'm exhausted now..I wanna take a bath first..",Seulmi quickly went to the bathroom with towel.

Suddenly,Seulmi was laughed when she looked herself on the mirror while she touched her lip."He really take care of me..A boy who really take care of me...I really like him now..Are he really like me...or love me?",that's really made Seulmi confused.

Meanwhile,at boy's room..

Wooyoung entered with full of happiness..

"Yo!What happen with you,dude!!",Taehun asked him."Nothing..",Wooyoung said.And he took his towel and went to the bathroom for shower.

"Ah..Seulmi!!!I'm really love you!!",Wooyoung said in lower voice so that his friends will not hear it.

"Wooyoung ah...I like you now..",Seulmi talked while she kept rubbed her body into the bath tub...while dreaming about the kiss scene between Wooyoung and her..


(NOTE:Yes!!Panda's idea tank is full with imagination and ideas!!!Because of chocopie!!New flavor..STRAWBERRY!!!YES!xD PANDA GOT HER CHOCOPIES NOW!!!!!!!YAHOOO!!!!!Until I creat such a long story of SeulWoo's moment!)


At hotel's hall..2PM..

All students were waiting the president of Summer Music Camp to gave some adviced for competition.

"Where's Wooyoung?",Taehun was too bored."Geez...where's that boy??",Junsu lost his patient while his younger sister kept patted his shoulder.Seulmi just pretended to be deaf when they talked about him.

Seulmi wanted to stayed further away from them so that they not asked her about Wooyoung."Eonni!",Younin screamed.Seulmi was stunned when a girl with 3 octaves voice called out her name."Eonni!Where's Wooyoung?",Younin called her.All her team were stared at Seulmi.

"I'm here...Sorry,I'm late!",Wooyoung came in rush.

"Geez,I though you lost around Seoul and will be kidnap by stranger!",Dongjun teased him and winked at him."Watch out with what you said!!",Key pulled his ear and 'dragged' him together.

"Let's go,kids!The president is coming..",Junsu warned his students and walked slowly at stage.

"We are teenagers..not kids..",Eunra mumbled."Shikshin!",Taec held her hand and show a silent sign at her.She became shy.

"Hello all students at here..~I'm Park Jinyoung..~As you know,I'm a president of JYP Entertainment.Thanks to all peoples who work hard for making this music camp will be become the best camp ever fot this year.I'm here as a president will give you some advice and th rules of competition so that our music camp will be working better without any problems..",all students seems understood what he was said.

"Dance Battle,Universe Orchestra Competition,Sing-A-Song Competition,and lastly,Fashion Show..",all peoples specially Gangwon High's students were shocked with the last competition."Me and all crews of Summer Music Camp already discussed about this contest,as an additional marks for every school.It's up to you to show any outfit for fashion show contest.But,the most important is,all outfits must has a 'music element' on it.",he continued.

"Ugh!!I want to close my ears than listen what he say!!I'm stress now!!",Junsu kept rubbed his hair like crazy.All his siblings became scared with him when he stress.

"And Sing-A-Song Competition.I will be judge all of you.Don't worry,all of you must have 4 to 5 members from your school to sing any songs that you like.I don't care if you come from a group only contain only boys or girls,or mixed group,the only one thing is your talent,your voice,and your brave.Just feel it in your heart and soul that this stage that you must show your talent..IS THE REAL STAGE FOR YOU AS A SINGER!",Jinyoung said with full of spirit.But,all students remain silent...some of them are too nervous...~


"It will be the most difficult battle because all of you only have 3 days to prepare it.3 days!",all peoples in hall lost their patient and feel nervous in 3 days to prepared their best performances.

"Don't say that all schools never learn or teach about,fashion,ryhthm..,it's all about art and creativity.So,show your creativity in each your talents during performance after 3 days...arasseo.Thank you..",Jinyong leave them from hall without any words for 'closing ceremony'..,without any smile was craved on his face..but,he became more seriously.Maybe,he also want to find any students who has their own creativity and talent to recruit them in his company.

"All students,back to your room and start practicing your performance and I don't want to hear any rumors of students who break the rules of this music camp,arasseo?",one of the crew of Summer Music Camp warned them.

* * * *
Only Gangwon High's students only stayed at hall,with full of nervous in theirselves."Seonsaengnim..~what can we do now?Our teacher never teach us about vocal..~"."Yeah..when Mr.Jinyoung talked about fashion show,I think I wanna give up now!",a few students kept mumbled about competition.

"What did you say?Give up?IF YOU SAY GIVE UP WHEN WE ALREADY AT HERE,ALL MUSIC CLUBS AT OUR SCHOOL NEVER EXIST ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!",Junsu show his hot tempered in front of his students.

"Is that you call yourself as an art lover?a person who always love all about music,art fashion and then kept mumbled about what JYP's president said?And now you guys already show your weakness and say you want TO GIVE UP??",Junsu made his voice became higher at the end of his line.

"We know about that.But,don't you guys feels scare when he said we only have 3 more days before we perform it...?",one of students from orchestra club doesn't feels satisfied with the competition's rules.


"Where's your attitude as a double bass player?",someone replied back an orchestra club's member.It was Ms.Hyora.Ms.Hyora also a teacher who teach about orchestra,specially,she was in charge as a teacher who has a 'good scent' about pianist and double bass player.

"This is your chance to show a prove that a music lover like you guys can find your own dream from this field.Try to remember back..when some peoples always look down at you when you say you love music than everything~You must be hurt when they say "music never bring you anything you want","listening music,watching a group such as Red Hawk Movement always dance off on stage are such wasting your time","music make you guys lost your control and become a rude person..".Don't you guys feels hurt about that?",Hyora mad and all students feels embarassed.All of them just slowly bow down.

"Music always in your soul when you love singing,dancing,and playing music instrument.For Red Hawk Movement,dancing is their main activity to release their tension,after school day..You guys also think about that right?Music never wasting out time in life,it always bring us a happiness.Same as art.So,maybe for this year,our theme for Summer Music Camp is 'spontaneous'~",a theme that Ms.Hyora was said before made all her students confused and some of them started thinking about spontaneous in music that she meant.

"Show your love and spontaneous about music.I bet,you guys has your own behavior when we talk about music,right?",suddenly,all students craved a smile and they seems understood what she meant."Good idea,sonsaengnim!!",Seulmi raised her hand."Your theme is really suitable for my design in fashion show soon~Well,I have my own studio at Seoul too and my friend can help me in 3 days before competition..",Seulmi's spirit became higher.

"Good,Lee Seulmi.Actually,me and Mr.Junsu already discuss to bring Lee Seulmi as our stylist.So,thank God,because only Seulmi can save our school in fashion show soon.And Seulmi can choose her own models too..",Ms.Hyora continued.

"SO,GOOD LUCK FOR GANGWON HIGH SCHOOL!!",Dongjun and Younin were screamed in unison.


All students show their own spirit and start to show their love about music.


( back bone feels better now.But,still need some rest start from now.Wait,I must show my brave when I go to Tas Nutrition Center soon..ugh..~3 'mega glass' of water make me wanna throw up.1st glass-drinking aloe vera water,2nd glass-Warm tea with full of nutrition that you need,*some peoples always vomit at the same time when they drink it*,3rd-my favorite.Milk shake with chocolate flavor..And the effect after you drink all 3 glasses of water,pee....~xDD)


All students from Gangwon High visited the hotel for recess,at the same time,they wanted to searched any port for practice time.But,Red Hawk Movement...~

At boys room..,


Junsu was sighed with all his boys."I don't care if all my boys already fallen asleep because too tired.But...",Junsu talked to heart while looked at his 'personal assistant' who also being called as his younger brother,Kevin."I can't believe this guys also sleep too..~",Junsu sighed.

At girls room...

They were still serious about the dance competition.Younin busy tutoring Haejin who still can't caught any dance step that she learned from Junsu before.Seulmi and her 'new assistant',Eunra focused on the outfit that all contestant of Gangwon High's students."Eonni,Jenny said she will come to this hotel and send all outfits that you keep at her studio..~eonni..~",Eunra called Seulmi but her eyes still focused on the outfit design.Seems like she can't wait an outfit that she made for someone special.

"Seulmi-eonni...~",Eunra blew her ears."Agh!!Eunra!!Don't do that!!Euw..~",Seulmi yelled."Did you hear what I said before?",Eunra linked her arm."What?",Seulmi show her silly smile."Aigoo...",Eunra can't continued her words after her 'Energetic Green' color of Samsung Corby cellphone was rang with a ringtone of B2ST's song,'Beautiful'.

"Anyeong...Really????....~Ok..~",she hang up.

"Why?",Seulmi asked."Your friend,Jenny.Remember?",just called out Seulmi's friend,Jenny,she remind back about all her outfits that she made with Jenny,her new friend that she met at Seoul's Teens Fashion Designer Award.Since Jenny got an award for the 'Best Young Fashion Designer' along with Seulmi,they still connected through to internet although Jenny lived further away from Seulmi's place.

"Well,since when you start made all outfits for our friends,huh?",Eunra confused."Well,since I came to Gangwon High,people already know me.Thus,they want me to design the best outfit for club.Well,for me,it just a little price I've charge for them.Well,you know,our school can save their money for club's activity.",Seulmi mumbled,at the same time she show her arrogant look.

Meanwhile,Nuri was check the string on her violin so that her violin doesn't run out of tune when she played.At the same time,she was online on via Twitter.She looks at someone who was sent his funny words on Twitter.

"Still want to acting cool to make all Seoul girls will faint out when they see me on stage soon..~The 1 thing they never know,I'M SUCH A HILARIOUS GUY!xD"

Nuri seems interesting when she read,then,she replied it on via Twitter.

* * * *
At lobby..

Seulmi still waiting her bestfriend.

Someone patted her shoulder."Wooyoung ah..~?What are you doing at lobby now?I though you guys will tired after 3 hours 'journey' on bus..~",Seulmi said."Waiting for my bestfriend...~My bestfriend since kindergarten..",Wooyoung smiled widely..for his 'girl'."I see...~",awkward situation is already live between Seulmi and Wooyoung.

Suddenly,some hugged Wooyoung from back."Wooyoung ah..!!!",a girl with 164 centimeter taller and pretty face when she smiled was hugged him from back.Seulmi was weird.No!She's not jealous.She just confused."Are she from Korea?huh?China?no...~doesn't see any Chinese's soul in herself...California?",that's come from her mind.

"Seulmi ah..~I introduce you.My bestfriend.",Wooyoung seems excited when he met his bestfriend.That's not because that girl which name..."I'm Tiffany..Stephanie Hwang,that's my Chinese name..."~

..which name Tiffany already linked her hand at his arm."Wooyoung feels happy with his bestfriend...~",that's Seulmi's though.

"She's a Chinese who was born at California.Now,she's Korean which name...","Hwang Minyoung...",Tiffany cut his words."Wow..You seems talkative,Tiffany.Plus,you are cute..",Seulmi smiled."Tiffany,can I be your friend?Who can guide me around Seoul?I think I wanna walk around Seoul and find 'something' interesting at here..can you?",Seulmi want to shook her hand with Tiffany."Sure..",Tiffany said."Seulmi..If you don't mind,I want to hang out with Tiffany and if Junsu want to start the rehearsal,call me ok?!",Wooyoung said to Seulmi while he gave his phone number at Seulmi...for the first time...~

"Ok..I will inform you..~",Seulmi said,and lower voice while eyes just watching an 'action' between Tiffany and Wooyoung.Then,she looked Wooyoung's phone number still on her LG Lollipop cellphone's screen.."The first guy...who give his phone number?He's the first guy..~",Seulmi stunned.

"Yo!Seulmi!",a girl with her boyish voice like Younin called out Seulmi's name."Jenny ah..~",Seulmi looked back.She's excited because she met her friend,again...They are in situation which called as 'EXCITED'...Feels like they were met for the first time.

* * * *
At girl's room...

"I'm boring..~",Eunra sighed while she took a nap on bed,but her eyes still opened widely like a vampire."Just go out for date with Ok Cat..",Younin who still tutoring Blurring Haejin in dance was mumbled.

"Nuri ah..~I want to online now..Can I?",Eunra asked a permission at Nuri."Sorry,eonni..I'm still online now..I want to find any private conductor who can teach me how to play violin better...",Nuri stuttered.

Younin and Haejin confused with her 'weird behavior'."Haejin ah..~",Haejin can see an evil side of Younin when Younin called her."You look so scary now,Ms.Evil Panda..",Haejin sweat too much...

Younin walked behind a sofa that Nuri was sat while she was online.Nuri feels something weird when she saw Haejin and Younin was walked behind her.And then,Younin show a plastic at Haejin.Seems like Younin want to show something hidden in plastic.But,Nuri just ignored it.At least,they never think to seeked what she doing right now.

Suddenly,Nuri changed her position after Younin and Haejin was hided behind the sofa.From sitting on sofa to sitting under the sofa.She 'block' they sight with her blanket.

"You think we want to seek you?I want to eat biscuits with caramel sauce that Sunggyu-sunbae gave me before..",Younin mumbled."But, why you guys must sit and hide behind me..?",Nuri 'smelled' something from them..I.N.V.E.S.T.I.G.A.T.E...

"We scare if 'that' shikshin will come here and steal our biscuits!",Haejin explained while she changed her sight at Eunra.

"Ok..~",Nuri understood and continue did her 'works'.Meanwhile,Haejin and Nuri kept mumbled like a pigeon,Younin saw something on Nuri's MacBook's screen.

"She visit Kevin's via Twitter profile..~",Younin already saw it and suddenly she laughed."Why you laughing?",Nuri and Haejin said in unison."Nuri,don't forget to 'follow' Kevin's youngest sister..",she said in spontaneous,while took her caramel sauce and biscuits and went out from room."You stomach will look ugly after eat this,Haejin.I'll bet you already eat during recess before..",Younin still leaved some words at Haejin.

"Damn!I knew it!She saw it~",Nuri sighed.

Suddenly,Younin's Samsung Corby Black Chic was rang.It was a message ringtone..a sign of message was arrived through to her cellphone.


"After a meeting of summer camp is over,we will try to find any 'secret place' for rehearsal.So,take care all girls in your room,including your orchestra friend too."

Younin sent a message while she made a few step to the outside of room.

Junsu's Samsung Corby cellphone was rang.


"Ne..~when the meeting will begin?"

From Junsu:




"Now,it's 1:30pm..~where's Seulmi,huh?",Younin kept talked and talked alone.She went to the lobby while her hand still held a plastic which contain a packet of biscuit and a big jar of caramel sauce with her.She saw Seulmi with her friend.She approached her.

"She seems busy..~",Younin talked alone.

Younin just stood behind Seulmi while Seulmi busier talked with her friend Jenny."Hey,who's that kid at behind you?",Jenny saw Younin."Oh..Panda..what are you doing here?Why you keep silent and stood behind me?"Seulmi asked."Well,you seems busy,I'm just waiting my turn to talk..~",she's smiled.

"Okay..~Just talk!",Seulmi allowed it."I though you were hanged out with Wooyoung-sunbae..and..~","Oh!he met his bestfriend before and he said he want me to inform him if Junsu-oppa has something important to know,rehearsal and bla..bla..~",Seulmi cut her words."Oh..I see..Now it's 1:30PM,all students will be at hall at 2PM and after that,we will try to find any place for rehearsal.Can you inform at him soon?",Younin asked."Okay..",Seulmi replied while she patted Younin's shoulder.

"Okay,bye..~",she wave at them.

* * * *
Meanwhile,Wooyoung and Tiffany walked together around the hotel.

"Wooyoung,why are act like a coward in front of her..?",suddenly,Tiffany broke the silent with such a sensitive question."What are you talking about?Did you mean Seulmi?",Wooyoung acted like a foolish."You always text me about a girl that you like.When I talked with her before,I saw your eyes still watched her beauty.I never saw your eyes like that when we met for the first time..",Tiffany know everything.

"I only like her..~",Wooyoung acted again..~

"LIKE and LOVE has their own meaning,although it contain 4 letters together~remember?",Tiffany tried to 'refresh' his mind."Yes..But,what happen if I can't take care of her?Specially,if I fail to care about her feeling..~?Girls always sensitive about love..~If they always take care about their boyfriend,I'm also want to do that.I want to show at all people that a boy like me can do that..",Wooyoung tried to cheer up."Jang Wooyoung that I know since child is such a kindheart guy who can calm all people's heart..~with his cute face like 10-years-old little boy can make all girls melt..Now,he such a coward to confess his feelings to someone that he love!",Tiffany's words really made Wooyoung feels uncomfortable."Fany,take back your words..!!",Wooyoung stunned.

"Actually,you are really love her.I can't take back all my words because your bestfriend who doesn't have any feelings like Korean peoples can read her bestfriend who are really born from Korea!",Tiffany mumbled."Did you remember the way you calm me when you ruined my date with Dennis before?Well,I hear after Summer Music Festival is over,a festival will be heading at Apgujeong street.It's fun and at the same time,you and Seulmi can date during festival because you say your school has 3 more days after music camp,right?",Tiffany kept talked and talked while Wooyoung just nodded.

"So,good luck,boy!",Tiffany played his hair and leaved him alone.

"Okay!Okay!I love her!!",Wooyoung released his tension by screamed loudly.

Suddenly,his phone was rang.A girl's voice was called her..

"Wooyoung ah..~",it's Seulmi..


(NOTE:I can't sit too longer on chair...~listening music while continue my fanfiction.Because,my backbone feel hurt.But,that's not too hurt.So,I need some rest,at the same time,my hand which always typing fanfic change to 'writing' a fanfic before I type on lappy...I hope,my sickness can be cure..~)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

STEP 22-Confession..~

Finally,Gangwon High's students arrived at stadium which it will be a final stage for Gangwon High's students will make all peoples who come to see them were shocked with their own talents.

"Guys,please wait at here,ok?!Me and Ms.Hyora want to to at counter to register our school as a contestant!And Kevin,keep and eye at that boy!!",Junsu pointed his finger at Dongjun."Ne..~",Kevin understood."Hey,I can take care myself,ok?!",Dongjun mumbled."Oh,really?He means that Kevin must keep an eye at 'your behavior'.Doesn't anybody can't mad at your crazy behavior except your brothers..~",Taecyeon mad at him.Dongjun pretended to be sulked.

"Auw..~you look so cute when you pretended to be sulking..~",his bestfriend,Eunra pinched his cheek."Am I not too cute in your eyes??",Taecyeon 'blocked' her sight."Err..yeah!Hey,all boys around me are cute!!",Eunra replied back with high tone."WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!",Dongjun and Taecyeon,also Key were shocked."Wae?(Why?)I'm just give my opinion about all boys these days..why?It's that wrong?",Eunra was shocked with their voice."Nothing...~",they said together.

"Cute!Example?",Taecyeon seems want to know about it."Well,my boyfriend's face really looks like my kitten that he gave me before.And my these bestfriends...",Eunra linked her arm at Dongjun and Key and said..~"You guys are my cutest puppies!!!",Eunra screamed until all peoples in stadium can heard her voice."Mianhae..",suddenly,Kevin bowed n front of all peoples.

"Puppies...~",Key sighed."Sounds like..~",Dongjun spoke."Like what?",Eunra asking."Like a slave puppies~",these non-identical twin brothers said in unison."How dare you..",Eunra sulked.

"Oppa become a polite person now..",Younin whispered at Seulmi and Haejin and they nodded.
Someone was get closed at Younin and pulled her ears."Oppa~!!!!Kim Kevin~!!!It's hurt~!!!!!!!!!!!",Younin feels hurt."Next time,don't tried to talk back about me,arasseo?",Kevin warned her."Ne..",she replied back."Ah..~this family are kinda happy..~full of jokes..but,me..~I'm only have mum..I'm the only daughter in her mind..",Haejin talked to her heart while kept watched Kim's family were made a silly jokes although some of them doesn't like it or not.

"Haejin ah...~Haejin ah..~",Onew who suddenly appeared in front of her but she ignored it because her eyes kept watching a happiness drama' of Kim's family."Jung Haejin..~",Onew's voice became so sweet as he seems wanted to seduce her."Huh?Ne?",Haejin was shocked when Onew waved his hand in front of her."Dreaming,huh?",Onew sat next to her.Suddenly..~

"Okay,guys..~Let's go to the hotel first.Put all your luggage at your room first and we will be at here on 2PM,arasseo?",Junsu said to all students."Ne..~",all students were understood what he said."Geez..~Junsu-hyeong always at here when I try to talk with her..~?",Onew was upset when someone tried to bothered him to speak with Haejin.

"Okay,sunbaenim!Let's go now!!",Haejin get up from her seat and took her bag.All peoples are ready went to the hotel which located not too further from the stadium.

"Wait,Jinnie ah..~",Onew held her hand.Haejin's heart beated faster than racing car when Onew held her hand."What?",Haejin asked."Nothing..~but,can I hang out with you everyday?And call me oppa?",Onew said something that he always kept in his heart..,before he confessed his feelings at her."Ne,sunbaenim..wait!!sorry..~oppa..~Jinki-oppa?Is that your real name right?",she asked him again.Onew or also known as Lee Jinki was nodded with her question.


A sound of hon from bus."Omoo!!!They wait for us!!Let's go,oppa!!!",Haejin held his hand and his bag.They ran to the bus.Onew feels like in a heaven with his 'new' ideal girl."Must be patient and make her happy before I say I lover her.I hope,doesn't anyone try to steal her from me..~I hope..~",he said to his heart.



STEP 21-Welcome to S.E.O.U.L

Seulmi and her sister,Eunra were at the street with full of food stalls.Eunra just can blinked her eyes when she saw many delicious food stalls along the street."Yah!Close your mouth,shikshin..~",Seulmi closed Eunra's mouth who opened widely her mouth because of foods."I'm starving,eonni..",Eunra mumbled.

Suddenly,4 pairs of eyes kept watching a seller was making 'dokkbukki'."Eonni...",Eunra made such a cute face so that Seulmi allowed her to ate it."But,we must buy some foods for that panda too~",Seulmi talked."Ah..~Just let her brothers buy for her!!",Eunra can't control herself."Ok..go ahead!",Seulmi just let her go.

"Seul-eonni..take a look at Eunra-eonni's pic..She such a sexy and slim model before..but now..",Haejin turned on her cellphone and looked at Eunra's picture when she became a model.She tried to compared the body shape of the 'older Eunra' when she became a model with a 'new Eunra'."Now..she's a little...fat..?!",Haejin teased her.Nuri and Seulmi just agreed what she said.Eunra stunned.Her step was stop because of Haejin's words."What did you say,Jung Haejin??",Eunra pinched Haejin's cheek."Argh!!Eonni!it's hurt!!",Haejin screamed."Where did you get this pic!?",Eunra asked with full of madness.Her face really same as tiger!

"I never let you know if you still pinch my CHEEK!!!!!!!",Haejin feels hurt."Tell me where did you get!",Eunra really wanted to know.

Slowly,Haejin tried to moved away from Eunra.She did a moonwalk dance and held Nuri's hand and then..."NAN MEOLLAYEO!!(I DON'T KNOW!!)",she ran away with Nuri.Eunra tried to chased them.Pretty Seulmi just laughed and bought some foods at stalls along the street.

* * * *
Kim's brothers just walked around while tried to searched something to eat.Taecyeon and Chansung also followed them."Channie ah..~",Taecyeon called him."Wae?",Chansung replied.." you know what kind of foods that my shikshin love to eat?",Taecyeon asked him while his face never show any sadness or mad after his relationship with Eunra still going strong."I don't know.Just ask your 'wife'..",Chansung seems bit rude with his 'sunbae'(senior).

"Geez...he's too rude..I hope Younin never falling in love with him..",Key insulted him when Chansung was walked faster than them.Chansung doesn't listen what he said because a pair of ears and brain was controlled by music from his MP3 player.

Suddenly,when all boys were walked together and busy searching any foods for them,Junsu's steps was stopped.He saw Hyora inside the shop.He saw Hyora wore a beautiful white dress and a pair of white sandals.His heart 'blooming' when Hyora smiled and made a cute pose in front of the big mirror."She's looks like a..~goddess!!!",Junsu's heart confessed all his feelings."I like a woman with long her..",Junsu amazed her.He kept watched Hyora from the outside.When Hyora went to the changing room,she was shocked when Junsu kept stared at her.Junsu quickly ran away when he saw Hyora linked her arm,a 'sign' that she mad.

"Aigoo..he saw me..geez..baboya!!(so stupid!!)..naega baboya!!!!(I'm stupid!!!!)",she talked to her heart.Her face was in bright red color as tomato.

* * * *
It takes an hour for all students were walked around the town to found something to eat while some students were shopping,since Seoul is 'shopping paradise' for teenagers.

But,all students must went to the bus at the right time.Younin was already falling asleep in the bus.Kevin was the first guy who entered to the bus and he saw Younin was slept but her arms was linked together because it's cold.He took her jacket that she hanged at the window and covered all her entire body."You are so lucky because your brothers still want to protect their only girl in our family...~",he talked to his sleepy sister."She can't heard what you say,hyung(brother)",Dongjun hit Kevin's head."His your elder brother!Show your respect!",Junsu warned him and pulled his ear."Go to your seat,NOW!!",Junsu kept mumbled at his naughty younger brother.

Junsu's voice made Younin woke up."You make this panda shocked,seongsaenim..~",Haejin who suddenly appeared said to her teacher and then went to her seat.

"Hey,Younin!I'm bought you some wheat bread for you...~",Key gave a packet of wheal bread for Younin."Thank you,oppa..~",Younin smiled.

Suddenly,in front of her eyes,she saw someone held a jar of caramel sauce.It's seems like an expensive caramel sauce because it was packed so nice and the blue ribbon was tied at the top of a jar."The most expensive caramel sauce at this town..",Junsu stared closely at the most expensive caramel sauce."I saw it was sold at the most expensive cafe in Seoul..",Key can't stop staring at an expensive caramel sauce.

Younin,Junsu and Key were chin up at looked at the person who gave a caramel sauce at Younin."Sunbaenim..~(senior)",Younin said."Lee Sunggyu??",Junsu and Key were shocked.

"Well,I head that you love caramel sauce.So I bought it for you..~",Sunggyu was shy to give it."But,it's too expensive for me to eat it!",Younin stunned.Dongjun quickly took the caramel sauce."If you don't want it,I take it!!I want to dip my biscuits with caramel sauce!!",Dongjun seems happy.But..~

"Don't you feel ashamed when you take someone's stuff,dude??",Kevin mad.Key quickly took a caramel sauce jar and give back to Younin.

"Hope you enjoy it!",Sunggyu smile while pinched Younin's cheek.All students glared at Sunggyu.They already knew that Sunggyu never talked to any peoples because they think a boy from wealthy family never talked to low profile students at Gangwon High.Although he has the most higher fans for his fanclub,he ignored it.For the first time,they saw Sunggyu was smiled at Younin.A silent boy who always stayed at his own mini clinic as a junior doctor in Gangwon High.He also a good pianist for orchestra club,with Nuri.

"Yah!!You are so lucky!!",Nuri who sat in front of Younin looked back.Younin was blanked and doens't know why he gave such an expensive 'gift' for her.Sunggyu's action was being watched by a guy who was sat further from Younin..~A guy who love art..same interesting as Younin..was jealous..~

A guy who kept his MP3 player with him was jealous..~


(NOTE:OK!!the holiday is start NOW until next year..[the holiday start from last Tuesday...~]It seems next year is my final year..A final year which make me become the must busier EVER!!And I also need some idea from my friends at school or my friends from outside the school to build a new dance group..well,to 'spread' our talent at Korea soon..xD hope me and my another besties are success to build new dance group in our school..)